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Originally Posted by Teddy Ray View Post
I had the cardiods in 2004 or so(I forget the model number, the SDC) and I could use them interchangeably with my Schoeps at the time(the mk4). They are very high quality microphones.
WOW! This information is really precious! Thank you so much!

If you give a look both at Schoeps's and MBHO's, you'll find how similar (if not equal!?) they are!
But Schoeps have more variations/types of capsules.

The "MBHO Stereo boundary OSS II Jecklin Disc" that Sonic Lush said is probably MBNM 622 E PZ - electrect condenser, very different design from the modular series - but not bad at all, as he said.

Here's the company profile, but it's very discreet.
The story I know is that they started designing/building capsules for other companies (and they still do that), and sometime they decided to also have their own line of products.

I leave this question: are MBHO capsules the same of Schoeps (Colette)?
And bodies (at least those pre-MBP 604)?

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