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Question - MB microphones seem to be very rarely spoken about - but when they are, they always seem to be regarded very highly.

So - have you used them? And, what do you think about them?
Excellent mics, accessible price, 'expensive' sound!

I've got the new 604 bodies (transformerless) x4 [you can google about them althought they are not listed yet on their official site!?!], and a pair of linear omni (KA100LK), a pair of cardioid (KA200N) and a fig-8 (KA800N-more expensive like the special lolipop/side-oriented cardio/omni).

I just love them, my assistant too, the engineers and technicians that work with me too... but they are quite rare, I admit. I believe that mine are the only ones here in my country.

For my taste they are much better than KM18x, more natural, with a 'darker' (but great!) quality. Very fast response (that's the body, I believe). I would dare to draw some similarities with KM14x, but my experience was limited with such Neumanns.

Do their capsules look just like the modulars from Schoeps? Yes. Do their capsules are the same Schoeps uses? Maybe... I believe the bodies are MB-unique, but I can't say about the capsules, neither if they sound the same (not much experience with Schoeps here yet).

The MB omnis-604 are my first choice for room sound. For solos, they're great too for piano and were *amazing* for cello.

The cardioids are 'go-to' for almost anything incl. harpsichord, lute, cello (spot), vl-vla (spot), ... even stereo pair for voice. The cardio+fig8 is an excellent MS setup, very small and easy to setup with Schoeps stereobar/ms - great to put low, in front of conductors (on those situations that mics can't appear), so you may get some 'dry spot feeling' of strings and woods...

They match very well with pres Millennia (m2b, hv3), Benchmark, but exceed with Grace (201/801). These MBs mix very weel with other expensiver mics (like MKH40, MKH800, C617S).

Drawbacks? Hard to find and to buy. And just one time my MBs picked a huge interference from a motor of a door that opened behind the stage on a concert hall here (so people outside can see too) - but lowline AKGs and Neumann didn't pick it. Later my technician explained that it's because of the 604's small-path/transformerless pure (?) I don't know, but it was an extreme/unique situation.

If I may be of any help, feel free to ask. thumbsup

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