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Here you go again.

There is ONLY ONE part of prohibition that I'm using for analogy, and that is that PUBLIC OPINION was not changed by changing the law.

That is IT. It doesn't matter how well prohibition matches or doesn't match in other areas.

So, laws got changed because people thought it would change behavior. Behavior did not change. That's the ONLY relevant point about prohibition.
But his point was completely valid. The fact that laws may or may not change people's behavior doesn't make your analogy relevant, because in this case the behavior that didn't change was completely different. Something that was previously considered legal, was made illegal for moral reasons, and people resisted that. But they weren't trying to take something that didn't belong to them.

In the situation at hand, something that has been considered both illegal and immoral for centuries is now being done. So they just have no relationship whatsoever. Your argument could be used to justify genocide, much less file downloading.