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MAFG, you are trying to start a fight, but I'm not biting.

I'll say this, there are several other threads where I've pointed out in painful detail how you took a statement of mine full of nuance, and turned it into something facile to more easily argue your point. Classic straw man tactic.

Since I have shown you this at least twice, AND you seem to not remember, then I'll just assume you're not interested in making arguments devoid of common logic errors.

As I've said, I'm certainly open to learning how to argue more effectively, and take constructive criticism well most of the time.
again... what's funny about that is - that whenever someone disagrees with you - you think (or accuse) that they don't understand you... passive aggressive as that may be - i don't think there is lack of understanding, as much as there is a lack of agreement.

now I'm accused of picking a fight after actually asking for clarification to what you think is being misunderstood.

Of course it's easier for you to say I misunderstand, and I am picking a fight than to answer my response with a valid clarification...

so you are not interested in having an exchange of opinions then? below is my request for clarification, my first response can be found here:

Feel free to point out exactly how I'm misunderstanding you... here's my request for clarity again...


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Yea that is a typo... Thanks..

As for misunderstanding, I don't know why you keep on reframing my arguments in a facile manner. I have made it perfectly clear a couple of times and called you on it. I'm not the only one you've done it to either so I'm not taking it personally.
You haven't called me on anything, more so you are highlighting your own lack of ability to communicate. But I will attempt to clarify this with you, hope against hope...

this is your post, right?
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There ARE positive sides to piracy,

IF it leads to a world where we aren't force fed garbage music,

IF large profits are taken out of the system

and the suits lose interest,
and the musicians get to take it back.

Big if's, but it's possible good WILL come out of this.
care to elaborate on how I misinterpreted your post?

so then you do support large profits and "suits"? cause it looks like you're saying a benefit of piracy would be getting rid of "large profits and suits" which I responded too...

I also am failing to see how musicians are "taking it back" due to the "positive sides of piracy".