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again you are confusing the issues and circumstances.

if prohibition were the same as piracy there would not have been bootleggers, rum runners and moonshiners making and selling their own product!
Here you go again.

There is ONLY ONE part of prohibition that I'm using for analogy, and that is that PUBLIC OPINION was not changed by changing the law.

That is IT. It doesn't matter how well prohibition matches or doesn't match in other areas.

So, laws got changed because people thought it would change behavior. Behavior did not change. That's the ONLY relevant point about prohibition.

Further, you write:

humanzing is important, I certainly support that... but laws to protect compensation for human labor in the form of copyright are not a mistake...
AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! I never said do NOT CHANGE THE LAWS. You keep repeating the same thing OVER AND OVER.

So read this carefully:

I believe laws should be changed to discourage piracy in many different directions.

Is that clear enough for you?

Finally, whether you like it or not, people who are "stealing" your music ARE your potential customers. If you want to pretty much eliminate the entire market between 16 and 21 years old and dismiss them as "criminals," you are a foolish businessman. The CULTURE is the problem. It doesn't make it right, but treating them like evil criminals is counterproductive to getting them back to BUYING music. They need to be shown how it impacts people, while the laws are changed. AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN TWO THINGS NEED TO HAPPEN.

If you continue to dehumanize these people as "criminals," then don't be surprised if they continue to dehumanize YOU as a rich fat cat. Damn. This is a good part of the reason the RIAA's campaigns have failed!