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Old 21st June 2010
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I blame this entire thing on politicians.

What has become commonplace in political discussions is to reframe your opponent's argument into a simple sound-bite statement, then make a simple sound bite friendly dismissive statement in response.

What ends up happening is it SOUNDS good on the TV news, but debate is not furthered in any way.

Instead, all the nuance is squeezed out the point in order make it easy to dismiss the argument. CLASSIC straw man.

Logical Fallacies and the Art of Debate man

I count at least three times in this thread people have engaged in this tactic. I'm too lazy to do a cut and paste job, and the people who are engaging in this quite frankly are the same people who lack the humility that is required to learn, so it would be a pointless exercise. I guess I'm hoping that people will reread some posts and see where it applies, then maybe change their behavior.

By all means... please DO point out where I have committed logical errors, I do realize I'm not immune (and am likely just as guilty as others).