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Originally Posted by chrisso View Post
Huh, I can read fine.
You took issue with someone questioning pirating as a positive force, even for other creative people.
If you aren't putting forward your own view, why post to question someone else's view?

The clear implication of your text: that you believe pirating benefits other creative people.

I can't even fathom you got that out of my post.

I'll go ahead and do some formatting to make this clear for you.

I'm curious about this comment.

Do you not realize that people who pirate music/software/video very likely have jobs and hobbies? Pirates very frequently ARE musicians, programmers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, game developers etc...

It may not benefit the industry (which is debatable obviously ), but if you say that it benefits pirates then you must admit that it benefits people of all walks of life and professions.