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Old 11th June 2003
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Hmm, it rectumfied itself when I cut the parts...suddenly the waveforms snapped to where they SHOULD have been

Now, however, another problem

I did a bunch of bounces for stems to 24 bit wav split. Logic names these files by appending .wal or .war for left and right.

So, if I bounce a piano pass onto disk it calls them piano.wal and piano.war

When you import them back into the session you realise that although the audio regions are called piano.wal and piano.war, and in the audio page DEFINITELY look different (ie different enough to be a left and right pair), when you double click on either of them to open up the sample edit, you are looking at piano.wal, it doesn't matter which one you click on. Like I said, even though you can see there's a different waveform in the audio list window.

When you drag them into the arrange page and have another look, the are both showing the waveform for piano.wal

Basically playing piano.wal twice should you do that.

The reason I noticed was 'cos it suddenly sounded really mono and all my reverb seemed to have dissapeared!

So, it seems that Logic can't see past the last dot in the filename before the wal or war

Which is of course a real pain 'cos I've just bounced hundreds of files and posted them up on an ftp over 3 days on a job where they're already baying for my blood due to 2 months of kernel panics with the 2408

LUCKILY the audio IS actually there in the files...and can be fixed (bodged) by renaming these files to have their leftism or rightism before the dot



What fun


This is actually the first time I've ever wanted to go and strangle someone from Emagic

And that Infoweb is an absolute joke. I wish Emagic would stop awarding themselves prizes in magazines. I'm going to start a magazine called ARSE and just do a feature spread about them only at this rate.

Mind you, couldn't be as bad as the Steinberg site. I tried to navigate myself round that the other day and ended up in hospital.