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This is the answer AMS gave through my dealer:

"Both the 1081R and the 4081 use exactly the same mic/pre circuit design as the 1081 classic module. Exactly.
The only difference is the Production techniques – the 1081R/4081 use modern components on modern PCB’s instead of old-school components and hand-wired assemblies. There is however no difference in sonic performance, as the modern design is made to ensure the same responses as the classic design.

The major difference between the 1081R/4081 and the 1081 classic is that here is no EQ and Output stage processing in the 1081R/4081. In the 1081 classic module, this extra audio stage involves additional transformers and additional amplifier circuits. The 1081R/4081 do not have these extra circuits fitted. But the Mic/pre circuit design and performance of the 1081R/4081 is exactly the same as the 1081 classic module.

The other difference is that the 1081 Classic has no modern circuitry in it, so no remote control and FireWire options!......... "