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Old 12th June 2010
Here for the gear

I can answer a couple of things from the original question - I recorded/engineered/programmed/mixed 2 songs from "Circus", "Out from Under" and "My Baby", both produced by Guy Sigsworth.

The vocal chain was a C800G going in to an Avalon 737, then straight into ProTools via a 192.

After tracking, the comping was quite detailed. In the case of "Out from Under", she is triple tracked the whole way through, lead in the centre, and trackers panned hard left and right. Being ballads, these songs presented certain challenges - I couldn't just slam her thru Melodyne or Autotune on auto mode - she had to sound natural. I spent a fair bit of time on the editing - getting the trackers to match the lead for timing and tuning. We wanted it to sound like one thick vocal sound, as opposed to an obvious double tracking effect. I mainly used Autotune in graphical mode, with a tiny bit of Melodyne for things I couldn't nail with Autotune.

As for getting her to sound clear, It's mainly to do with the volume automation, which was very detailed. I used only a tiny bit of compression on her vocals (with Rcomp), just to thicken the sound a bit, and the rest was with the volume riding - basically riding every word/note/syllable to make her perfectly clear.

It was a very interesting gig!

Andy Page