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Old 15th August 2002
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man this thread went horribly awry.

you DONT need a PT system to make good recordings. you DONT need an SSL/NEVE/API to make good recordings.

to cater to local clients, YOU are going to be the draw of it. not some system. and if they ask you if you got PT, say what i say "i got something better" i make no qualms about it. i can get a recording done and done well on MY system [it might be different than YOUR system... but as long as you intimately know it]

it is so easy to rationalize you need the BEST of the BEST when you are in debt to the best, but it isnt reality. hell, great sonics arent a reality in modern recording even. there are a whole slew of artists who WANT it to sound "lo-fi" [beyond me but whatever floats their boat]

for $400-$600 a week, you dont need jack but a bunch of mic pres and mics and a native system that you know your way around. i mean $600 a week aint jack. a good room costs $1-2k a DAY.