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No Prob, Bro
You don't have the corner on the cranky market.

It does seem that there are conflicting opinions for our new pal, and recently married catfish.

RADAR while sounding great and can handle many editing functions, can't do the plugin thing, (yet, from what I have read), no MIDI, And needs a mixing desk.

Pro tools needs no explanation, but its mix bus is (still) less than desireable.

Native PC is getting pretty cutting edge right now.
I do wish I could have all software packages on the same screaming PC and do an A/B/C test of their mix busses compared with PT. I have heard subjective comments that the mix busses on other platform software packages (like Digital Performer) sound better.
Nuendo sounds good, has midi capabilities (Average) and will be dual processor capable,
Sonar is ok, marginal midi.
Cubase SX is much like Nuendo but has much better MIDI capabilities.
Logic is Apples baby now and they are cutting out the PC side of the sofware.

Cubase SX seems to be the better PC choice with dual processor support, and VST link capable, many different A/D/A converter flavors capable. Leaves a few more sheckles available for great mics, preamps, Dangerous 2 buss, and processing.

The idea that Pro Tools will beat a path to your door does not seem realistic in Catfish's case, as it looks like most things he will do will stay in-house. One can import audio and midi files into each and every one of these packages, but the 'session file' with edit decisions, plug in info, and automation are not able to be translated across as of yet. (Damn those propriety session files!!!).
Darn, this post is making things more complicated and less clear.... sorry.