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loudist say :
Paul, You seemed to be coming on kinda strong yourself, don't you think?
Those who live in glass houses ect. ect.
Sorry - I was feeling pretty cranky. No hard feelings eh?
What I think is that all Catfish needs is for me to say "oooh its good" and you to say "no its too expensive, and not even all that good" and then decide for himself. But instead we start yelling at eachother instead of giving him advice. Ooops.

And of course I don't really mean that all Native systems are 'crap'. I just know that they won't do it for me with the specific things I do. If I had the system I really wanted - yes, it would be different - no I can't afford it (and, yes I'd still have ProTools around also - as a tool to get certain things done).

I do know that I read all kinds of posts on the DUC about guys having loads of problems with their HD rigs. But mine have been no problem at all - and especially when you're comparing it to the Mix rig that preceded it - they are a great step up. Either most of those guys on the DUC are idiots (a viewpoint held by many) or Digi has some real quality control problems and I'm just lucky. I tend to think its the first one though.

To ramble on a bit more. I don't think it can be underestimated how different you have to work to really work with ProTools well. Many of us hardcore PT users used it back when it sounded really quite bad (I've been onboard since SoundToolsII, 1987 or so) - and we developed techniques to avoid as much badness as was possible. Now that ProTools has developed and everybody uses it - there are lots of people who come to it with many assumptions and expectations that are just not accurate. It is not a replacement for traditional gear - it is a whole different beast altogether. Just because you shoudn't use a synth to recreate a horn player doesn't mean there's no good use for a synthesizer - and so it is with ProTools. Don't use it if you want a "Tape" sound - use it for what it does, not what you wish it was.