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Old 8th June 2010
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Dear fantastic score composer,
unlike the above posters I really work for free. I mean that if you work with me it will be "more" free than with them. However I only accept work if it has to be done as soon as possible (possibly yesterday). Since graduating from film school
the day before yesterday I have worked on many home videos of cats playing. I am now a very well known in my building expert in colour correcting sound, and mixing pictures.
I can also shoot the movie with my Android phone, which as you may not know, is a professional device known for having more cowbell than the Apple consumer devices. However as I do not know how to get the picture out of my phone, I will accept to rent it to you for 9,999 $ per month so that you can take it to the various festivals to show your film.
You wont be able to phone with it though, my dad only got me a 30 minute talk time plan with it.