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Old 3rd June 2010
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perspective is always a good thing,
but it's difficult to set for a test all this speakers in a same room,
and even more difficult in a well balanced one ...

I'll write for what i have listened in the same room : PMC IB2S powered by two Hypex ucd700hg and Klinger Favre studio 15 powered by 4 modified gemincore,
all class D,
( i previously had the first professional focal speaker the MC208, before the ib2 but never tested them in the same room as the 2 others )

it's simple they're just not in the same class, phase coherence, imaging, & balance seems just right & evident with the studio 15,
their only limitation is about deep bass frequency response, (i've mesured they was about -4db @ 32 hz in my room)
the IB2 give a more physical bass but even if the sensation is there the coherence with the higher spectrum is a bit weird (transmission line).

i heard the the studio 30 at klinger favre, they get much lower than the studio 15, they sound a bit more "natural" mixing perfectly neutrality & expressivity (maybe it was the klinger favre amp compared to the dual class D powering my S15)
at this point it's the best listening/audio reproduction experience i've ever had

If one day you pass in east france near strasbourg and have a bit of time, give a call to Klinger favre, Jean Jacques Bacquet will welcome you for a visit & a listening, he is an humble and awesome man,
it's just that if his speakers/amps/dac where better distributed and known they could stand the comparison with best ones.

he has been involved at some point with some of the best french mastering studio, translab, actis, topmaster,
for a good reason ...

i've been maybe a bit hard for th IB2, there's one point on wich they shine is for elecronic based music, great punch then .