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Old 2nd June 2010
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Dear Sir,

I'd like to reply to your recent ad looking for a filmmaker.

I can write, direct, shoot and edit your entire film for you. I don't have a lot of professional experience, but I just graduated from my local community college media program at the top of my class. I have a JVC Camcorder. It didn't cost a lot, but I can do all the things those Hollywood types do for a lot less - after all it says "HD" right on it. And I have Final Cut so I can do all your color correction AND digital FX right in it. It even has audio so I can mix all your music stuff together! Don't know why you paid those expensive studios... all the tools you need are right here! That's why it's called "Final Cut PRO" - because it's professional. I really want to get some "real word" experience under my belt, so I'd be happy to let you abuse me on this project, and expect far more than you'd get if you were paying for it.

Thanks for your time, I know we'll be a great team!