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My Craigslist Ad: Composer Looking for Film Crew!

I just wrote and recorded a fantastic music score, it's really ambitious, and all who were involved are quite sure this thing is going to make it into festivals. We're not really sure which ones, but judging by how impeccable it turned out, and 'cause I know "some guy", we're thinking Cannes! Here's the thing- We haven't shot the movie yet, so we are looking for a great crew to help us finish it up!

First off we need a writer that can ensure the script has enough emotional content to do the flawlessly arranged/performed/recorded score some justice.

Next we just need a good director of photography, preferably one with his own crew/lighting equipment/camera that shoots HD video to shoot the thing.

We definitely need a director to bring the script to life, if you've directed movies before, please send me a link on youtube, as that's probably the release format we will use for this project.

Oh yeah, we need some actors that are smart enough to read a script and then speak the words written down out loud while the camera is rolling. (But you can't have the script on hand, you have to be able to remember each scene. Sucks, I know.)

The thing is, it costs a good amount of money to write and record a halfways decent score. Microphones are freakin' expensive... We wanted to just use those old school digital ones that came with PCs in the 90's, you know, the ones you could use with Microsoft Sound Recorder software, but turns out, they sounded like crap! Speaking of recording software, we use Pro Tools, it costs several hundred dollars for the most stripped down version, and because we wanted to be able to record more than two tracks at a time, we spent some money on equipment that allowed us to actually record several instrumentalists at once. Actually, the instrumentalists cost money too. For some reason, they charged money for their time- something having to do with them going to music school, and having student loans to pay off.

Unfortunately, even once we had a few talented musicians, we tried to record in my bedroom, and guess what, it sounded kind of crummy. So we had to find an adequate studio space to record in. That cost some money too. Did you know that once the music is written and recorded, it takes some time to "mix" it? You may not know this, but people actually get paid to make sure all the different parts of a song work together. We had to pay for someone with their own special equipment to do that too, ugh.

Basically what I'm saying is we didn't budget this thing right, so we won't be able to pay anyone to work on this film, but we know that it's going to be so great, you should feel honored enough just to be a part of it, and work for free. We know that cameras, lights, and people's time cost money, but we simply can't pay anyone anything, at all. As I said though, you will get credit on a film that is surely going to make a big splash at various festivals. That should be enough, right?

If interested please respond to this ad and maybe we can work something out, I can't wait to see the finished product! I know in spite of none of the visual artists getting paid anything to work on it, it will be a great film!

Location: Chicago, IL
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Compensation: NO PAY

P.S. We need a sound designer too, but no one pays attention to that **** LOL so I'll get my little sister to do it.
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