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Old 30th May 2010
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Klinger Favre Studio 15

So! I've been aware of this blog for at least a year and have been very very very reluctant to post anything regarding the Studio 15 by Klinger-Favre because it seems that I am the only engineer owning them in the US. For people like sound engineers, having an edge on the technology is a MUST...An honestly owning this system is like withholding the Holy Grail. So coming from this point of view...My thinking was...well if people know I have the Holy Grail...they are going to want it too! And then I'll only be another sound geek amongst the multitude ( which I am anyway)
Seriously...what can I say about the studio 15 , the precision amp and the DAC...
Well It completely messed up my life. The first time I heard this system, I felt that I never heard before and entered a pretty serious depression because I was running my recording studios for 10 years in Manhattan and after hearing Klinger favre...I felt like I betrayed my clientele and myself for way too long. Why the depression? Because I couldn't afford them.So in clear...Forget all the big brands with multi million dollars marketing companies...stop listening to names and hype and come back to the simplicity, truth, moving power of the sound.
Now I could tell you hey! Dude, I'll be happy to have you over to come and listen to them..But I won't because I'm running a business and I'm too busy using them.
Though ..You can help me write to The owner/designer/builder/Illuminate Mr Jean-Jacques order to help me convince him to seriously start a show room in NYC.

Patrick Lo Re One Soul group, LLC. NYC