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Avant Electronics ABBEY Abbey Studio Monitors, Powered 3-Way, 350W (PAIR) | Full Compass

Avant Electronics ABBEY
The amplification system in the Abbey series is ultra efficient, cutting edge Class HD design. The ABBEY offers much more power and operating dynamic headroom than typical monitor systems with an extended 38-33k flat frequency response and 350 watts of tri-amped power. The configuration per speaker is (2) 6.5" phase-locked/dual side subs backed with 200 watts to generate huge bass performance from a small, console-mounted close field monitor. The 5.25" paper cone mid driver is fed with 100 watts powering the 200Hz-4.5kHz range, and 50 watts feeding the 4.5kHa-33kHz tweeter. The dome tweeter extends the playback range out to 33kHz while widening the usable "sweet spot" by being only -4dB down at 30 degrees off axis @ 18kHz.

Avant Electronics MINI-TOWERS
The Abbey Mini-Tower employs an "array design" along with dual 6.5" side firing, phase locked subwoofers. They can be used in close-field as well as mid field implementation. Speaker configuration is (2) 6.5" sub-woofers backed with 250 watts to generate extended bass performance, (2) 4" drivers in a front array driven with 125 watts to power the 200Hz-4.5kHz range, and 75 watts feeds the 4.5kHz-33kHz tweeter.

Seems like a lot of speaker for the $$$. Hopefully they'll get them dialed in real good.

I've been interested in trying out the Opals, but looks like I'll delay any potential purchase until I can also try out the new Mini Towers.

Here the info from a source:

Actually, the side-firing (phase-locked, by the way) subs don't go below 20Hz. On the Abbeys, we go to 38Hz. On the Abbey Mini Towers, we go to the 33Hz. I believe that the reason for this is cabinet size and resonant frequencies within the cabinet would interfere below those freqs.

The mini-towers subs are actually the same size as the regular Abbeys - 6.5". And actually, we don't call them subs here, because we're designing a sub-woofer to go along with the Abbeys or Mini-Towers that WILL take you down to 15Hz (also with some sweet and never-before-used tech). The subwoofers will be out later than the Abbeys/Mini-Towers.

The main differences between the Abbey and the Mini-Tower are 1) the MTM Di'Appolito array on the mini-tower - two 4" drivers and a tweet, as opposed to the 5.25" & tweet on the regular Abbey. Difference #2 is the wattage difference - the Abbeys are 350 watts tri-amped (200 for woofers, 100 for driver, 50 for tweeter), and the Abbey towers are 450 watts tri-amped (250 for woofers, 125 for drivers, 50 for tweeter). That's 700 watts a pair for the Abbeys and 900 watts a pair for the Mini-Towers...with that kind of power, who needs wall-mounted mains (haha)? Note that the wattage uses our ultra-efficient brand-new amplifer tech. I think the official numbers is that the new amp technology we're using is 90-something percent efficient in terms of thermal loss (compare that to other amp class efficiencies).

The last difference would be cabinet size and therefore the low-end extends a little further on the Abbey Mini-Towers (33hz, as opposed to 38Hz on the Abbeys).

One other thing to note: the mid and tweet are in a sealed partition of the cabinet, leading to tighter response and preposterously low crosstalk. The subs are in a ported partition. The partitions are filled with Dacron to kill any speaker resonance. The entire cabinet, other than the port, is fully sealed (right down to the pots, jacks, and switches....all speaker baskets are gasketed and the backplate is gasketed as well to ensure zero air leakage.