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Old 26th May 2010
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crap! I hadn't checked back here in ages!
thanks soo much Eric!

I had been experimenting with this idea a lot but hadn't nailed it..when I read in tape op that you did it!

you've just pulled exactly the drum sound im always going for! I even use a 24' x14' kick no hole! haha

sooo.. the problem Ive always had is that I'm trying to get the underheads set so they are in phase with kick AND also so the snare as close to the center as possible.. but should I not be bothering and just use the close mono room to get the center image?
I've also experimented with using a couple of condenser's in xy as overheads for shine although i never really use them.

This is such a great idea Eric! Not only for the obvious sonic reasons but.. every time I use it.. the drummer freaks out at first but then loves it. I think because they feel like their having a unique studio experience.

I just got home from work.. but Im going straight back to give this another shot.

eric... kindest regards!