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Originally Posted by otobianki74 View Post
obviously dude. robertshaw's point being that if you paid more for a great river and liked the ART that would suck as you could have saved some dough.

I don't think you see the point... if you liked the ART more it means that you like the ART more with this guitar, with this player, in this room, with this mic, in this position etc etc etc

Change a variable and your taste in pre might change.

It certainly doesn't mean that you wasted your dough on something like a GR.

Originally Posted by robertshaw View Post
I agree, PTHD hardware is proof of that

I am not sure why people around here think I am emotionally attached to PT. I could care less.

Well I guess I am a -little- emotionally attached to something that makes me thousand upon thousands of dollars.

Its pretty unbelievable the amount of referral gigs I get because other people DON'T have PTHD.

'Better' to me means what makes me the most money.

If the ART makes me cash, then its welcome in my session.

Any other opinion seems a bit bush league to me.