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Originally Posted by Rocket Ronnie ➡️
Maybe your older and he is barely an adult? Why you making such a big thing out of this? You realise by doing so you come across as much of a prick as he does.
I just don't think it's on that you come on a forum which exists solely for the purpose of DISCUSSING THINGS, telling everyone that they know fck all because you can name-drop somebody half famous - who - after all - might not want to be associated with the argument.

I just think some people need a boot in the arse - and reminding that students with half a brain about music recording who go on websites and seek to learn from other people are the ones who do well. The ones who go on them telling everyone to shut up because they get lectures off famous people are the ones who nobody wants to help. And, like it or not, as a student, to work in recording, you need help.