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Originally Posted by TwardyLikeTank ➡️
Ok, everyone hold it. What's this guy's actual point as relating to the guy with the red guitar avatar?
It's a bass, you !*§&#!


Originally Posted by TwardyLikeTank ➡️
Nothin'. The red guitar guy finds listening to rubbish quality psycho-acoustically irritating. This guy I'm quoting goes to school, and he thinks it's super-great.

Listen: not only are these two points not in conflict, they are utterly unrelated. The conflict here is only guy-i'm-quoting shooting out words'o angst. Api2500: chill man, your school sounds wonderful, but redguitar avatar's points were subjective, and have nothin at all to do with Thames valley university.
Thanks, bro. I really didn't mean to offend anybody's school, just stating what I and some of my peers have experienced. We actually did some "scientific" testing a few years back. I burned Daft Punk's "Discovery" a few times, half of the discs were exact copies (WAV) and the other ones ran through an MP3 converter (iTunes, 128 kbps) before burning. That music is annoying on its own and we asked the people to write down the track number where they had to stop playing it or when it became irritating. Swapped out the CDs after 2 weeks and there was a significantly higher annoyance rate with the MP3 version. We sorta published our "research", maybe I can dig it up again.