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Old 5th June 2003
Ummm, moving? New girlfriend?

I found some, how decent is for you to judge....Århus ain't that big.

and another one, without working url:

Soundpage Recording
Address: Viborgvej 773, DK-8471 Sabro
Tel: +45 86 94 94 88
Fax: +45 86 94 94 57
Managing Director + Producer/Engineer: Kim Bækgaard
Style: Various/All
Facilities: Studio 1: 64-channel console with motorised faders, 32+24 tracks (D), Studio 2: 16 tracks (A). Big recording areas, best sounding drum room, a lot of MIDI and outboard gear, residential studio, lovely surroundings, close to Århus.

No matter what you may find, Denmark is nice in the summer time