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Is there a physical sensation when you get ear fatigue or is it that things don't sound right? How long does it last for usually?
Lots of good responses in this thread. I think of ear fatigue as being an integrative process. Even if I mix at low levels, the stress will add up if I do it long enough. But if I'm also cranking it up from time to time, those events add up faster. The physical sensation side can depend on all kinds of things, including allergies, infections, etc. About the "things don't sound right" part, that's tougher to call on the fly. always keep a copy of your standard ear calibration tunes around, so you can check. If you think you are fatigued, you probably are. How long it lasts can depend on how hard you've been pushing all of your stressors combined with your overall health. As much as I hate ear plugs, I use them daily if I'm going to be around something loud, whether audio, tools or whatever. You have to protect whatcha got!