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Old 5th June 2003
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Thanks for the tips, y'all...this is what we've done thus far...

- Ran guitar track copies through Revalver to get 3 completely different tones, then blended to get a very bottom heavy Recto-sound...added a touch of slap echo to one track.

- Compressed each vocal track, then compressed the vox submix

- Essentially dry vox...a bit a room simulator added to only one voice to act as reverb for entire vocal tracks...

- Drums the hard part...2 kicks, both identical...massive eq to one side to give impression there were 2 different kinds of drums...snare with a hi rolloff to give more 'oomph' less 'snap' (techno-speak...)

- Endorphined half to death...twice...tried to eq off anything over 18K...

So far, its actually decent.