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Old 5th June 2003
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Originally posted by Midlandmorgan
Well...there are some fake Cockney accents, and the music sounds sort of like a cross between Johnny Rotten and actually a decent way...

Guitar: Indonesian strat copy thru a DOD distortion of some sort, into a Peavey Studio Pro amp at max gain/low volume...hummed like an old girlfriend...

Bass: Cheaper Indonesian P-Bass thru a DOD bassfuzz, direct...
Try guitar hard right or left with a bit of verb or a slight doubling delay on the other side. The bass maybe a little off center, 1 o'clock or so. Shoot for something like the Sex Pistols record and you should be pretty close to decent. Just make sure the kick and snare come through, not too many cymbals. Compress the hell out of the lead vocal if it's not consistant. Sprinkle a general verb to taste, print mix, collect money.