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Depends on the style of music.... What do they perform?

My biggest comment for most music like this is not to get too close with the microphones. I recently recorded a female acapella vocal quartet that performed a lot of early music (ie. chant, etc...). We recorded in a church and this was the setup:

close (for diction only) Microtech 930s and a MKH40 between singers (3 mics total)
mid- AKG 426 stereo mic in Blumlein pickup. This was the main pickup for the ensemble
Room (far) 2 B&K 4006 omnis placed 15-20' back and 15 feet high (or so) to capture ambience.

All mics were time aligned (in post) to the room mics. Close mics were to preserve understanding of the words. If I get a moment, I'll post a picture of the session.