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Old 30th December 2005
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Went to the local music store yesterday. I took a look at the Presonus Firebox. They just came down on the price to $299 (instead of $399).

I wanted to look at ANY Apogee stuff, but of course that is special order stuff. I've been doing a lot of research and taking into consideration a lot of what you guys are saying and I keep coming back to the RME Fireface. If you consider the following factors:

RME quality of their Converters/Pre's - "Cleanliness"
Driver Stability, especially w/ Steinberg products
192Khz, not just 96Khz
Firewire - will run 800 too! I checked the RME web site and my LACIE FW800 was tested to be compatible.

Those were the most important factors to me. I am not sure my ears are discerning enough to go a step above the RME to a Grace Design or Apogee, especially for the price point.

RME needs a FF200 with the exact same specs, that is a half-rack size like the Multiface - for between $399 and $499. They could do a FF400 for $899. I believe they could capture a whole new market space and blow a lot of the lower end stuff out of the water. It would be a no-brainer to go with RME.

I have heard rumours that RME is planning a smaller unit but I don't know if it is anything like my "wish machine" described above, but I am looking for an announcement in the next couple of months. I may just go ahead and get a the FF800 and swap over if something smaller ever materializes.