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im not sure what you mean

the headphone output is in the front

line output is on the breakout cable which can be set to regular output with volume control or -10dBv amp output
I'm not talking about the Duet. I'm talking about the ONE.

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actually, it is perfect for me and my portable needs. duet was great, but i needed more i/o. the one is tiny, has a good built-in mic, single channel, great quality.
I don't need anything portable. I don't need multiple inputs. I just need one instrument/mic input, and stereo headphone/line out, and I want them all to sound good. They did a bad job, as far as I'm concerned. I've never heard of any professionals combining a headphone and line out before.

Also, I think it's pitiful that it's a rather portable microphone, and it maxes out at 48 kHz. When you pitch down your samples, the high end dies when you do that. I can't believe this product just came out last year, and not 2003 or so.