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Old 29th April 2010
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limited output capability

I'm considering getting a ONE. I'm just wondering how it will fit into my workflow. I keep my monitors on when I'm working, but turn the volume down when I need to record with a mic, and then monitor via headphones. How would that work, with a ONE, or even a Duet? Seems that I'd have to unplug the cable for this, every time, causing my speakers to make a horrible sound. So can an Apogee product even fit into a workspace with both monitors and headphones? I'm not going to turn my monitors off every time I need to record something this way; that's too much of a waste of time, and I'll go with some other manufacturer if there's no other solution with an Apogee.

Also, I don't see how the output can be suitable for both headphones and monitors. Anybody have some info on this? Does it just sound really bad into monitors, and focus on nice headphone monitoring?