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learn to diy that way the expense doesn't come all at once and you have newer gear sooner not to mention having the worlds best gear at a fraction of the cost doesn't hurt either example say you want new preamps you could fork over $3,140.75 for 4 api pres or through the magic of diy kits you could have 8 for 2,952.00 in kit form! the upfront cost of an api pre in lunch box form that would give you the option for 8 at a later date would be 800 for a 10 slot rack and 760 for 1 channel so 1,560 for 1 preamp or you could pay just 650.00 for 1 channel if you diy and 329
for each aditional preamp thats a huge price diffrence for an evning with a soldering iron my friend. heh