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To all of those who said exhaust fan: BRAVO!

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Hmm.... I think it's the Feds.

I ended up going to the police, where i was told that they had had other reports from the same neighbourhood, but they couldn't do anything unless someone could propperly identify the source location....

To add to the disagreement, a police helicopter seemed to be eager to cruise over our neighbouhood on friday and made countless passes over our house.

And on saturday morning at 6, we got woken by a huge noise in our street:

The police was raiding a house about 100m away from mine and TADAAAAAH:
...They raided a huge weed plantation. Nothing unusual here in the netherlands, and since then the noise is gone.

It seems the guys had capped the electricity lines under the street, digging a tunnel from their house, in order not to show up on the radar (the police and the energy companies work hand in hand on this matter here).
The installation was reportedly highly dangerous because pumping way too much current and was poorly installed and maintained. The beep was emanating from a faulty exhaust fan, blowing the air off in the back of their garden so the smell wouldn't reach the street (the pipes were also installed in a tunnel under the basement...). The faulty fan was the one on the garden side...

And guess what, the huge plop's that were shooting through my monitors from time to time despite having installed AC filters are gone as well...

I don't have anything against weed or weed growers, but it's the second time they raid a growhouse very close to my home and everytime it means less problems with strange noises in my recordings and less electricity problems as well... for once in my life, i actually like the cops