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Loving my Retro Sta-Level, use it on every mix, usually on high energy lead vocals, hitting it hard with an SSL EQ (either Waves Plug or the real thing). Great on many other things, but since I only have one, it's mostly doing chorus lead vocals.

I don't have the LA-2A, but let me throw in that the Summit TLA-100A is worth a shot when we talk about tube compressors. Whenever the Sta-Level doesn't work for me, the Summit does. It's less colored and agressive and one of the best tube comps ever.

I often run my lead vocals through both in parallel and pull the Summit Channel up on the verses, the Sta-Level Channel on the chorus.
Usually both are followed by an UREI LA-22, but as all LA-22 users know, it is not allowed to talk about these on gearslutz.