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Originally posted by sonic dogg
Jackson....did you get just the head or the combo amp? The reason I ask is I own the 2nd combo #0002...its a very interesting amp. Good luck finding preamp modules...theres always a few floating around here and there but not many...

Ya really cant go wrong with the Marshall cab. You can tailor the sound with your speaker selection.Vintage 25's...greenback 30's...75's have a heavy sound to em...Theres something very musical about the Marshal cabs that only a few other manufacturers have figured out.....

Perhaps an Orange cabinet or even an old Hiwatt with Fanes in it for a bit of different...
I got the head and 5 modules. Hopefully they'll last me awhile.

IIRC, in the favorite amps for recording thread, there was a great description by Gone Fission (I think?) of the differences in Celestions and other speakers. Time to look that up.

I did look at the Fanes. New, they're $$$, but I might be able to scare up a used cab with Fanes somewhere, or trick out a decent cab with Fanes as budget allows. Or Weber's or Alnico's.

There's paying for the name, too. I think Orange and HiWatt have even Marshall beat in that category. The Peavey cab I saw for sale locally that Marshall sued Peavey for copying might be a good idea, but the asking price is $400. I can do better on ebay.

Thinking aloud again...