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Distortion(the good tube kind) is your friend.Tuff stuff to mix,(too much,too fast,usually not the best players,Ibet the drummer hits the cymbays too hard and compromises the sound of ALL the drum mic's((my continuing soapbox topic)).

Good Punk senario:
Live minus vocal's(scratch O.K.)
Overdub vox,solo's
Distortbass w/ any old tube pre
peg the low mid that works for that guitar, 400? 500?800? salt the top(6k ish) to taste .
GTR one hard left, GTR two hard right,(if no GTR two, suggest it)
very dry (wich mean's sneak in very small room or plate w/ out really anouncing it ).

The Steve Adamek's simple mixing tip "Make everything louder than everything else"
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