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I am afraid one of your neighbors has purposely brought this into your neighborhood. It is likely an annoying box that you plug into the wall that purposely produces this sound. I have seen these purchased to both chase away deer and chase away mosquitoes. Neither of which likely works. For eight years I rented this place right on the Atlantic ocean with very relaxing front porch over looking the water. At night we used to hang out and watch 6-9 planes line up to land at Logan airport, oh and drink. It was great until my neighbor purchased one of those things to chase away the bugs. Most people don't even hear it, but it will drive any musician or recording engineer or young person insane! I actually had to walk to the neighbors house and ask them to turn the stupid thing off or I would have to never go outside or open the windows.

Then my 68 year old aunt purchased one to chase away the deer at their vacation home on Lake George. This friend and I drive in the long dirt road late at night ready to spend the week. We are 50 yards up from the cottage and we get out of the car ready with flashlights to journey down through the woods. Immediately the sound is like a laser in our ear canals. We walk down to the house and have to unplug that stupid box before our heads explode. The next morning I tell my aunt we had to unplug the thing before our heads exploded. She says' "isn't that interesting I can't even hear it" She is a pianist but with 68 year old hearing it's tough for most people to hear.
I say find it and kill it!