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Tones in that range should be fairly easy to locate unless they somehow radiate broadly through an air cavity or a solid medium like a wall.
Indeed, sadly the location allows a lot of reflection, making it very difficult to spot even with a directional mic and a dish...

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I'm just curious why you don't know what it is after isolating it.
As i said, all i can spot on the spectrograph is a huge, constant peak at 3.6 Khz and there's not much more i can do with that - there are no variations r detail that could point me to one or the other device specifically.

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Smoke or gas alarm running out of battery.
That's something i already thought about - very likely also after searching the net for 3.6KHz: in the first hundred google results i've found a gazillion types of piezo buzzers designed for that frequency and 90db SPL...(which given the maximum possible distance to the source seems to be just an on-the-spot result from google, for once )

Anyway, i've been hearing it all night and i'm getting coucou right now, next step is a police complaint - and i've never been fond of the police.

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Aliens. heh
If only :D