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Jules, I have a feeling its the usual rebellious nature of humans... in this case, all the huge perfect corporate sounds of the 80's were rebelled against by the next generation. The result was grunge ... which was the antithesis of perfect tracks,drum machines, overdubbed layers of vocals and other instruments. But the engineers and sound are just part of the art. I really think its the results of each new generation of teens wanting something to call their "own", and the record companies always trying to capitalize. A&R are always looking for the fresh face or fresh sound (unfortunately I was never it <laughing>). Its what keeps things moving and changing. The engineer and technology, as well as the artist.

Each generation grudgingly watches the music and culture changed by the generation after. I guess its what makes the cycles of life and art. Bell bottoms were back in after 30 years... just about 2 times the 15 - 18 year standard time or term of a "generation". And ever notice how groups like Stone Temple Pilots, Black Crows and others sounded so much like Led Zep and Stones of the 60's and 70's? Things recycle every couple generations to a degree.

Using that kind of thinking, the big synthesized sounds of the late 70's and 80's should be back around 2005 - 2010.

In the meantime new counter culture art crops up constantly, introducing new elements that soon become absorbed into the mainstream. Rap and Hip Hop are going on 20 years old and are now firmly embedded into our culture. AT some point, the teens will probably abandon our instruments of guitars, bass, and drums for some new instruments for a couple generations.

Mass communications has kept the world much more in sync, but I still think its the rebellious nature of the young that drives music and art (and corporate marketing) into new directions and technologies, every 10 - 20 years. The guys who are going to stay on top, are going to be the ones who quickly embrace the new directions and technologies as they pop their shocking heads up thru the accepted fabric of culture and society. Its a matter of embracing or adapting in a way that doesnt make one look like a square peg in round holes, or like one isnt just jumping on some cheesy bandwagon.

P.S. Holy Hell, I was just gonna say its all part of the "new kid" on the block syndrome.