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([EDIT] - I just realized I have a similar "Hardware Mix" question to the one above, but mine also applies to the leves, EQs etc. I would really love to be able to apply this board's compression/reverb/EQ to my ITB softsynths.)

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I run Cubase 5.x on a Win 7 DAW - while I have some outboard synths, my music mostly consists of soft synths and I tend to stay in the box for nearly all of my mixing. I am aware that the n12/n8 is not a control surface (outside of a few basic transport controls).

I would like to get my VST soft synths "out of the box" to give their sound a bit of character and this seems like a piece of gear that might do the trick. During mix down, would I be able to rout a track from Cubase in the n12 to either apply the board's EQ/Compressor/Reverb/Level settings and then rout it back in to Cubase?

I found this on the Yammy website, but I want to make sure I am understanding what "Hardware Mix" mode is all about. Say I was using Native Instrument's Mashine (a VST soft synth) in Cubase 5 and it was routed to tracks 1-12 on my internal Cubase mixer...

1) If I enter "Hardware Mix" mode, does that automaticaly rout all of the tracks OUT of Cubase and IN to the n12 so I can apply the n12's compression and reverb, set the EQ, and adjust the levels, and then back OUT to Cubase?
2) Do I then simply export this mixdown as a WAV to capture the adjustments I made via the n12?
3) Obviously this is a 12 channel mixer... I assume I would have to re-assign the audio for anything past track 12 if I wanted to rout it through the n12?