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I've been enjoying this thread over the last couple of months while the boss isn't looking over my shoulder I'm still only up to page 32 though...

I just brought a Presonus ACP-88 compressor to use with my N-12. The compression on the N12 isn't bad but I just wanted to have a bit more control.

I'm pretty new to compressors (and mixers in general) but wanted to know if it's possible to use the compressor when doing a hardware mix? I noticed it's compressing when I first record into Cubase but I can't see / hear any difference when turning on the compression for a hardware mix.


Hi. I am not an expert of the N12 since I just got mine and I am in the learning stages myself. And I don't use Cubase either. But I would like to know what you mean by "hardware mix"? Are you referring to the live output from say the ST/OUT while in record mode? Not sure I follow you on that.

However, I think the N12's preamps and compression is about one of the best I ever heard in a small recording unit. I had a few Roland VS that came close, but to me, this mixer is top shelf. And most firewire interfaces that I have owned never came close. And I mean, what you hear tracking is what is recorded. After that, just add your plugins (I use the UAD-2) and bring down the levels to the mix....