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You don't even mention if you've looked at the Cubase levels going to the Aux and to the headphones. I use AKG cans too, as well as Sony and Yamaha. All work fine, the headphone out sounds great, and I've never had a problem with not enough volume with it on the N12. I highly doubt that there is a problem with the N12, but if you think so why not get it checked out by the dealer (or a good audio tech if it's out of warranty)?
I don't use Cubase. Although I don't get all the controller features, but that is the way I operate. I despise Steinberg and anything they produce. To me, Yamaha went down hill after they purchased/merged Steinberg. Again, my opinion.

But regardless what I use, I can see AND HEAR the levels coming out of the ST/OUT, AUX and the mixer headphone jacks. I didn't say or mean levels, I said the quality of the sonics coming out of the mixer headphone amp is very poor. In fact, I rate it next to tin cans.

I don't think anything is wrong with my mixer. And it is under warranty and is brand new. I just believe Yamaha didn't place quality headphone amps in the mixer. It is not a show stopper for me since I use a headphone amp coming out of the ST/OUT. And I been doing tracking, recording and engineering since the mid 70's... I am no newbie.

If you think there is quality of the sonics coming out of the N12 headphone jacks... all I can say is:

I am done with this subject...