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Old 31st May 2003
One interesting observation about the grunge era I heard in an interview with a long established producer.....

He said rather mournfully that he felt he hadnt had much work during the grung erea because -

"the record companies started to use the guys that did the demos"

In 1985 I was told by record co guy at Electra that I could not really be entrusted with a major lable album budget as they were always $250K + and I was'nt experienced enough yet...

A little while later after grunge & college radio took more of a firm hold, another US A&R executive pointed to the college radio charts and said -

"These acts arent "indie" or fringe elements any more, they have become the MAINSTREAM"

The grunge era must have been a chance for a new wave of producers to break through...


Break throughs are great right?