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Old 31st May 2003
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Upside down jacks or not, I think MIDI is one of the great sucess stories of standardization. The huge explosion of MIDI devices in the 80's and 90's was directly due to the fact that everything MIDI could be used with everything else. Even the lowliest keyboard gained extra usefulness because it could be hooked up with all your other stuff.

MIDI "works" precisely because Everybody got on board. You never have to "convert" your MIDI information to some stupid proprietary format just to use "Brand Z" equipment. Imagine if you did.

The growth MIDI to include computer stuff was a major impetus to get musicians (well me anyway) using computer gear.

Having some of your jacks 'upside down' is good for your cables- it gives them a chance to flex the other way part of the time. heh