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Originally posted by Gone Fission
It's been fun and informative having you around, Dave. Don't be a stranger. Nice to know good things can happen for fellow Jersey boys. Bear
Dont worry, Ill be back! Of course if I ever meet any of you guys or gals at the shows or some place in real life, you wont be able to come up and say "HEY, IM BIFF DWEEDLEMYER or BETSY TWIPPLE"... Instead you will have to say "Hey Dave, Im "Gone Fission" and this is "Jazzius" & "dblackjedi"..."
EveAnna - Id know your pretty butt anywheres! and thanks, for your comments, but I wish Id known you were listening in, Cuz now, I wont have any negotiating power for your Massive Passives, which everyone on here says is a MUST HAVE. Its not fair... (Ill be in touch anyways).

Oh... and someone told me you did one of these a few months ago and now Ill have to go figure out where it is, so I can read up. AND if you ever need help getting home again from a Coffee Shop when you are in Amsterdam....

Well theres still over 24 hours left ... so let me keep rantin