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Re: 1176 on El8 and Fatso?!

Originally posted by Gie-Sound
Dave, [last question before you leave?!]

In another thread you said you where very happy with your 1176 emulation on the Fatso. (Tracking Compressor).
Wich unit do you think is able to get close to the 1176 sound?? The Fatso or the Distressor??
The Distressor is much more adjustable and can sound much closer to the 1176 in its different settings. Keep the attack below 3 or 4 on the Distressor and you will be in the attack range of the 1176.

I remember one late nite in 1997 or so, when I had a couple people hanging out in Studio E and the Distressor was just starting to sell, and I said I could make it sound almost exactly like an 1176. One of the guys there challenged me on it and so I pulled up a 2 inch tape, and patched in a mult on a couple tracks and proceeded to ask him to set up the 1176 like they liked it. Then I pulled up the Distressor and set the controls where I knew it would be close to the 1176 (with the attack around 2.5 or something on the Distressor). Then we had someone switch between the 1176 and Distressor and the guy couldnt reliably tell at all which was which.

The LA2A and LN1176 were really the inspiration for the Distressor, since they were the first compressors besides a Gain Brain that changed the sound of my recordings. I bet a lot of people remember the first times they patched one of those beasts (La2 or LN1176) in and said "OH, thats how you get that sound."