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Old 31st May 2003
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I could write a whole book on recording punk, it's paid for most of the gear in my studio. Within punk there are lots of various sub-genres. There's hardcore punk like the Cro-Mags, gutter punk like the Blanx 77, pop-punk like Green Day, skater punk, emo, etc. You name it and I've probably worked on it and insulted a band by calling it the wrong sub-genre.

Anywhoo... Ask the band for referance discs. Don't be afraid to use EQ and compression. Lots of it. On everything. The key is to make everything the loudest thing in the mix and the only way to do that is to hack things up and have things sound ugly when soloed. You'll probably **** it up. I know I hacked up a bunch of my early punk recordings. It's not a bad thing though. Some of the bands are just happy to hear themselves on tape and it doesn't matter if it doesn't sound good. They think that lo-fi is good and they don't want things too slick and polished.

As much as the bands will hate it get a Green Day CD, either Dookie or the one that came after it, I forget the name but it's the one I have. Most of the MXPX and Pennywise CD's also sound really good and are worth a spin.