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Yeah, gotta get a little more specific about what "school" of punk this is. Mixing an emo punk record with lots of Mesa/ Marshall layers, catchy harmonies, drums that go clickety-clack, plus the occasional cello arrangement, is a whole different thing than mixing some "old school" live punk record. Last one of those I did, we cut the vocal live on a hand-held 57, right in front of the kit and used a heap of distortion on it at mix. The guitar was an L.A. Metal pedal into a V4 with a 57 pre-amped through a Series 80 mic pre, full-on clipping. Most of the drum sound came from a 57 right above the kick, pointed at the drummers crotch, compressed ridiculously. The bass we didn't touch, it sounded like crap on it's own, but not surprisingly fit right in at mix... Bottom rolled off everything, no discernible effects, a dirty little punk rock record...