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Hi Mick, No it is not the headphones. I use top-shelf AKG pro headphones for all my studio work. Until I got the N12, I never had an issue with monitoring or playback.

As I stated before, I can also send the levels from the headphone output to both headphones or a headphone amp and it is lousy. In fact, sheer poor quality. Tin cans would do better. I am not alone if you read the guy after your post. So I do not use the headphones output at all. They are garbage!

I send my main ST out to a headphone amp... that is where I do my tracking and headphone work. I send the AUX1 out to my studio monitors (so I can control the levels separately). That is how I mix. It works for me that way. But my main comment is that... I've had many different mixers in my life (Behringer, Roland, small yamahas, phonic, to name a few) and never had an issue with headphone outs until I got the N12. They are very poor! It's not a show stopper for me... but one would think they put all this nice technology into this mixer and interface, but FAILED miserably on the built in headphone amp. Otherwise, I just love this mixer for tracking, recording and mixing. I do mastering outide this N12. ~ Ed
You don't even mention if you've looked at the Cubase levels going to the Aux and to the headphones. I use AKG cans too, as well as Sony and Yamaha. All work fine, the headphone out sounds great, and I've never had a problem with not enough volume with it on the N12. I highly doubt that there is a problem with the N12, but if you think so why not get it checked out by the dealer (or a good audio tech if it's out of warranty)?