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Originally posted by imacgreg of my favorite records of all time that I would consider thrash punk is Refused's "The shape of punk to come".
What a rediculously good album.

But, you have to explain what these guys sound like a little more. While bands like Refused and I guess Finch are considered 'hardcore', their productions are super clean and definitely not the punk rock norm. Unless you are talking about the MTV definition of punk rock.

The best bet is to ask them for some cds for reference of productions they like.

If they are more street or gutter punk (aka: leather jackets, smell bad, have fake british accents) maybe Jay can give you some tips because i see he recorded Blanks 77 and they fit that mold.

Other than the Refused record above, I think some of Rancid's records are benchmarks for what punk rock should sound like so maybe you should check those out.